Community & Green Programs

Harroun Community Park. Photo Courtesy of Candy Sarikonda

What We Can Do For You

In addition to the items below, we’re also happy to offer tips and solutions for composting, gardening (and garden pests), trees, winterizing your garden and all things green.

Forest Products

6408 Sylvania-Petersburg Rd.
Ottawa Lake, MI
P: 419-885-8992
Sales: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. when attendant on duty


The City of Sylvania produces a premium-quality compost at our 23 acre facility. The material is made from leaves and green yard waste collected during the growing season. The cost is $15.00 per cubic yard (PERSONAL CHECKS ONLY PLEASE). Click here for location map of our facility.

Green Waste Collection

You can also get green waste pickup schedules, Kraft paper bags and container stickers at either of these locations, or by calling 419-885-8992.

  • Utilities office, Municipal Administration Building, 6730 Monroe St.
  • Parks & Forestry offices, 8425 Sylvania-Metamora Rd.

If you frequently have green yard waste, you can save money with a yard waste sticker. You can purchase a sticker for one garbage can, which is good for the entire year – eliminating the need to buy green waste Kraft paper bags.

Leaf Pickup 2023

Fall Leaf Pickup for 2023 is October 23th – December 8th. Click here for more information on the collection process. The City does not offer a spring leaf pickup.  Residents must use the Parks & Forestry green yard waste program until Fall Leaf Pickup begins. (See above for more information on Green Waste Collection).

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