The River Trail

River Trail, Sylvania, Ohio. Photo Courtesy of Candy Sarikonda.

The Sylvania River Trail

The Sylvania River Trail runs along Ten Mile Creek and the Ottawa River, affording wonderful views of the river and its surrounding ecosystem.  The River Trail runs from Main Street to Harroun Road, with a connection to Monroe St along the North Branch of Ten Mile Creek.  The trail crosses Ten Mile Creek into Harroun Park via a bridge at the confluence of Ten Mile Creek and the North Branch.  Phase II of the River Trail will run from Harroun Road, along the Flower Hospital campus, and under US 23 to Monroe St near the Burger King restaurant.

River Trail Restoration

The Sylvania Tree Commission is working to help restore the native plant community along the city’s River Trail.  The goal is to improve visibility of Ten Mile Creek for trail-goers, while also restoring the native plant community along the trail to assist with water filtration as runoff enters the creek; provide habitat for pollinators; and improve safety by improving visibility in the surrounding area.  Invasive plant species such as common buckthorn, bush honeysuckle and grapevine are being removed from the site near Wingate Hotel.  Swamp milkweed seed has been sown along the river, and existing native Ohio wildflowers are being protected as part of this restoration effort.  The Tree Commission will continue to monitor the site over the next few years, removing invasive plants as needed.

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