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  • Get a list of sidewalk/driveway construction and sewer tapping contractors licensed in Sylvania

Inspections to ensure that structures meet all required building, electrical and service codes for properties within the City limits are conducted by the Lucas County Building Regulations Department. Applicable projects include new residential/commercial construction, additions, interior remodeling, accessory buildings and decks.

Before an applicant can obtain a Building Permit from the Lucas County Building Regulations Department, a Zoning Certificate must be obtained from the City of Sylvania Zoning Administrator.

Plans for construction or remodeling of commercial buildings and apartments must be reviewed by the Sylvania Township Fire Department before a Zoning Certificate can be issued.

Zoning Permit (Certificate of Zoning for new dwellings, additions, accessory buildings, remodeling existing buildings)
Lucas County Building Regulations
Sylvania Fire Department

Zoning Permits

This division issues zoning permits required for new dwellings, additions, accessory buildings, remodeling existing buildings, swimming pools, signs, commercial building and remodeling. Plans for construction or remodeling of commercial buildings and apartments must be reviewed by the Sylvania Fire Department before a zoning permit can be issued.

A City of Sylvania zoning permit is required before an applicant can obtain a building permit from Lucas County Building Regulations.

Permits are required for the construction of public sidewalks and driveway approaches and can be obtained in the zoning office.

Application and Permit for Construction and/or Repair Sidewalk, Driveway, Curb Cut, Curb Closure
Sidewalks, Driveways and Curbs (includes fees, notice requirements, inspections, etc.)
Swimming Pool Permit
Zoning Permit (Certificate of zoning for new dwellings, additions, accessory buildings and remodeling existing buildings)

Demolition Permit

Demolition Permit

Event Permits

Permits are required for any type of scheduled outdoor assembly or public event using public space (parks, streets, etc.) in the City of Sylvania. Applications can be downloaded here and mailed, faxed or delivered to the zoning office. Applications must be received five working days before the scheduled event.

Block Party Application
Tag Day Application
Parade, Festival, Event or Assembly Application
Section 311.02 of the Sylvania Codified Ordinances (Street Obstructions)

Sign Permits

You must have a permit to hang banners or post or install signs on private and public property. All permanent signs must be approved by the Board of Architectural Review. Regulations on signs, as well as downloadable applications, are available below.

Street Banner Application/Permit
Sign Application/Permit
Chapter 1166 Sign Regulations

Contractor Licenses

Contractors performing public sidewalk and driveway approach construction or sewer tapping in Sylvania must be licensed in the City of Sylvania. The zoning administrator maintains a list of all contractors licensed to do sidewalk construction and sewer tapping in the City of Sylvania.

Sewer Tapper Bond Form
Sewer Builder Contractor’s License
Sidewalk/Driveway Contractor’s Bond Form
Sidewalk/Driveway Contractor’s License Application

Municipal Codes

Part Nine – Streets, Utilities and Public Services Code
Part Eleven – Planning and Zoning Code
Part Thirteen – Building Code

Questions or Concerns

Contact the zoning administrator if you have a complaint or concern regarding code violations with any type of signs, sidewalk/driveway work or other zoning permit-related activity.

When we receive a complaint, the zoning administrator makes a visual inspection and talks with the property owner. If there is a violation of the codified ordinances, we notify the property owner by certified mail. The zoning administrator then makes a follow-up inspection to make sure the project was completed in compliance with orders.

Citizen Complaint Form

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