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Fire Department

For emergency assistance, dial 911 immediately.

The Sylvania Township Fire Department provides fire and emergency medical response and fire inspection services for more than 48,000 residents and business owners within the Sylvania Fire District.

Sylvania Township Fire Department Offices

Station #4
8210 Sylvania Avenue
Sylvania, OH 43560
P: 419-882-7676

How We Can Help You

We provide brief information here because you’ll find all the information you need on the Sylvania Township Fire Department website; many of the topics listed here are links that will take you there. For topics with descriptions, we have provided links to any pertinent forms and codified ordinances you may need.

Fire Inspections

Fire inspectors examine all new construction as well as businesses and other properties for state fire code compliance. Fire inspections are mandatory for hospitals, child/adult care facilities, correctional institutions, hotels and motels, foster care, preschool facilities and health spas (all commercial businesses and schools).

To ask about or request a fire inspection, call us at 419-882-7676.

Inspection Reports

Fire inspection reports are public records maintained by Sylvania fire officials. If you want to access a fire inspection report, we would be happy to help. Just call us at 419-882-7676.

Education & School Programs

Sylvania fire personnel provide presentations to schoolchildren and groups to encourage fire safety and provide life-saving information in case of fires, such as what to do if your clothing catches fire, how to use a fire extinguisher or how to evacuate your home, apartment building or business.

To schedule any event or training program, call us at 419-882-7676, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Fire Stations

The Sylvania Township Fire Department operates from four strategically located stations:

Station #1

6633 Monroe St.

Station #2

3006 M. McCord Rd. (South of Central)

Station #3

5056 Haddon Rd. (at the corner of Whiteford)

Station #4

Fire Dept. Offices
8210 Sylvania Ave.

Firefighter & EMT Credentials

Full-time and part-time Sylvania firefighters are professionally trained, highly skilled and dedicated to saving lives and property. Full-time firefighters are required to achieve a State of Ohio FF2 certification and have a State of Ohio Paramedic License.  Part-time firefighters are required to have a minimum of Ohio FF1 and a State of Ohio EMT license. All full and part-time firefighters are also certified in Hazardous Materials Operations and the National Incident Management System, with many having Hazardous Materials Technician certification level.

All firefighters complete continual training in the fire department, as well as around the state and nation covering all aspects of firefighting, emergency medical care and fire safety inspections to stay current on the latest advances in each field, and as required for re-certification by the State of Ohio.


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