Road Work & Construction

The City of Sylvania maintains over 73.5 miles of streets and bridges and resurfaces 4-5 miles of roadway every year. At the same time, we also have repair and improvement projects underway, and the Utilities Division may be working on water main and sewer line projects.

We realize these projects are inconvenient and may cause delays, but they are essential in maintaining our infrastructure. We appreciate your patience.

Michael Elliott
5509 Harroun Rd.
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Our Responsibilites

The Streets Division is responsible for cleaning and improving roads, maintaining smooth traffic flow and street repairs, which includes:

  • Clearing up oil spills, broken glass and vehicle parts
  • Installing/repairing street, warning and other signs
  • Leaf collection
  • Cleaning and marking streets
  • Patching potholes
  • Preparing streets and barriers for community events
  • Removing/replacing concrete curbs, pavement and city-owned walkways
  • Repairing/maintaining catch basins within the city
  • Repairs from city utility projects
  • Salting roads
  • Snow removal from streets and public lots

Sylvania Road & Utilities Projects

Resurfacing, repairs, improvements – at the Streets Division, we do our best to keep you informed when construction projects are imminent, so you can plan alternate routes and minimize delays. Of course, unscheduled projects for emergency repairs occur from time to time.

For a current City of Sylvania street map:
P: 419-885-8965

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