Department of Law

Leslie Brinning
Law Director/City Solicitor
Suite 203
6730 Monroe St.
Sylvania OH 43560
P: 419-885-7865
F: 419-885-8998
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Prosecutor’s Office
6700 Monroe St.
419-885-8975 option 5

There are two essential functions within this department. The first is acting as the legal representative for the city (the city solicitor); the second is acting as the people’s representative to prosecute crime (the city prosecutor). Click on the links below to get more information on that topic. Pertinent forms, documents and schedules and ordinances concerning our activities follow each topic.

City Solicitor

The law director is the solicitor for the city, the legal representative in most of the action it takes for Sylvania residents. Before the city buys, sells, rents, or leases anything; hires a contractor for services; forms a partnership; settles a dispute; reads an ordinance or resolution; or considers revising the municipal code, the city seeks the legal opinion the law director’s office.

The law department drafts all ordinances and resolutions. It also confers with the finance director to write legislation to appropriate funding for city purchases, and works with the public service director on utilities and building services issues. The mayor seeks legal advice from the law office on economic development and other projects.

Division of Prosecution

Heather Pentycofe
Chief Prosecutor

6700 Monroe St.
P: 419-885-8920

We serve more than 66,000 residents in the jurisdictional territory of Sylvania Municipal Court. This encompasses the City of Sylvania; the villages of Berkey and Holland; the townships of Sylvania, Richfield, Spencer and Harding; and the portions of Swanton, Monclova and Springfield townships north of the Ohio Turnpike in Lucas County.
In addition to filing criminal charges in Sylvania Municipal Court, preparing search warrants, participating in pre-trial conferences involving criminal and traffic cases, and prosecuting jury trials, we provide legal advice to various city, county and state public safety agencies serving the court.

Consulting with Other Jurisdictions

Sylvania’s prosecution office renders legal advice to various public safety agencies, which include:

  • Berkey, Harding Township, Holland, Sylvania City, Sylvania Township and Toledo Metroparks Police
  • Ohio State Highway Patrol
  • Lucas County Sheriff’s Office
  • Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification
  • Lucas County Canine Care and Control
  • Drug Enforcement Administration and Metro Drug Task Force
  • Lucas County Health Department
  • Ohio Department of Public Safety and Liquor Enforcement Division
  • Ohio Department of Taxation and Holland and Sylvania Tax Departments
  • Harding Township, Holland, Richfield Township, Spencer Township, Springfield Township, and Sylvania City

Briefs & Memoranda

The law department researches and prepares legal memoranda at the request of the mayor, city council and all city agencies. Many of these briefs are part of the record of city council meetings and can be found using the search function on this page. We can help with dates and cases; call us at 419-885-882-7100 for assistance

Contracts & Leases

As the city’s legal advisor, the law director must ensure that any action taken by the city is within its legal limitations.

We review all contracts, conveyances, evidences of indebtedness and other instruments to which the city is a party. This includes land and real estate purchases, consultant services, health care plan providers, vehicle leases and purchases, labor contracts and all other legal agreements. These documents are part of the public record.

To locate and view a city contract, use the search function on this page. A search by topic will locate related information in the city’s annual reports, annual financial reports and the minutes from city council and committee meetings.

Legal Representation

The law director is the legal representative for the mayor, city council and all division and department administrative personnel on matters involving carrying out their duties.

Partnership & Corsortia

The City of Sylvania has entered into agreements with municipalities, townships, regional government or economic development bodies and other multiple-jurisdiction groups. Before signing these agreements, the law director reviews them and makes recommendations on each agreement’s viability and potential liability.

For information on the city’s contracts with other jurisdictions or multiple-jurisdiction agencies, use the search function on this page.

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