Individual and Business Tax Returns and Forms

2021 Tax Forms

2021 Tax Form
2021 Tax Form – Calculating
2021 EZ  Form
2021 EZ Form – Calculating
2021 Instructions
Chart for Calculating Credit for Tax Paid to Other Cities
Estimated Vouchers for 2022

Miscellaneous Forms and Information

Street List
Determination of Tax Filling Requirements for Individuals
Nonresident Refund (NRR) or Travel Time
(Do not use the Nonresident Refund (NRR) or Travel Time form if making a claim with Toledo for tax years after 2015)
Toledo Nonresident Refund Form for years after 2015

Prior Year Forms


2020 Tax Form
2020 EZ  Form
2020 Instructions


2019 Tax Form
2019 EZ Form
2019 Instructions


2018 Tax Form
2018 EZ Form
2018 Instructions


2017 Tax Form
2017 EZ Form
2017 Instructions


2016 Tax Form
2016 EZ Form
2016 Instructions

Forms also are available at the Sylvania Public Library, the lobby of the City Administration Building or can be mailed upon request.

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