Ravine Cemetery

Ravine Cemetery, Ravine Rd, Sylvania, Ohio

Ravine Cemetery

Parks & Forestry maintains the grounds, records and provides cemetery maintenance within Ravine Cemetery. Ravine Cemetery is located on Ravine Road between Harroun Road and Main Street. The Cemetery Hours are from 8 a.m. to sunset daily. Interments are not permitted on Sundays or any legal holidays.

Deb Raszka
Senior Account Clerk
P: 419-885-8992
E-Mail: parks@cityofsylvania.com

Cemetery Lot Purchases

For more information on purchasing burial lots, contact the Parks & Forestry office
at 419-885-8992.


Flowers (annuals only) are permitted around headstones. Borders 18″ or less are permitted. Watering and fertilizing are the responsibility of the lot owner/family. Planting urns must be approved by the superintendent of cemeteries.

No shrubs (evergreen or deciduous), evergreens, or trees (evergreen or deciduous) may be planted without the written approval of the superintendent of cemeteries.

Grave blankets, pillows and wreaths are permitted November through February. Cemetery personnel will remove items that have become unsightly or items remaining after March 1. Plantings left unattended or that have become unsightly may be removed by cemetery personnel. Rules and regulations are posted at the cemetery entrances.

Ravine restoration

The Sylvania Tree Commission is actively working to restore the natural landscape in the ravine at Ravine Cemetery.  The ultimate goal is to improve water filtration through the use of native plantings, reduce mowing costs and provide critical habitat for pollinators.  The ravine is no longer mowed, to encourage regrowth of the native wildflowers and trees that were once present in the ravine.  To further encourage the restoration of the ravine’s historical landscape, tree commissioners are also planting native Ohio wildflowers throughout the ravine.  Native trees that emerge in the ravine are being selected and trained to support the ravine ecosystem.  Educational signage at the site serves to educate visitors about this restoration effort.

What Tree is That?

The Tree Commission is working with the Superintendent of Parks & Forestry to provide identification markers for specimen trees throughout the cemetery.  The goal is to certify the cemetery as an arboretum.  To that end, tree identification markers were designed and installed by the Tree Commission.  The location of each tree was noted, and a tree identification map was created.  The map and key can be accessed here; MAP and KEY

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