Boards and Commissions


Council Chambers, Municipal Building, Sylvania

City of Sylvania, Boards and Commissions

Much of the work of the City of Sylvania is performed by boards and commissions. The members of these bodies are citizens who have volunteered to serve the city. They are appointed by the mayor and approved by City Council.

Board of Architectural Review

Craig A. Stough, Mayor
Thomas Lindsley
Ken Marciniak
Brian McCann
Daniel Arnold
Debbie Webb, Administrative Secretary

Civil Service Commission

John R. Husman
Bradford James
Anthony P. Spinazze
Laura Bigelow, Administrative Secretary

Municipal Planning Commission

Craig A. Stough, Mayor
Thomas Lindsley
Ken Marciniak
Brian McCann
Daniel Arnold

Board of Parks Commission

Gail Abood
Harold C. McElmurry
John C. Zeitler
Sylvania Area Joint Recreation District Board
Sylvania Area Recreation Corporation Board

Tree Commission

Candy Sarikonda, co-chair
Cheryl Rice, co-chair
Judi Young
Toni Andrews
Rick Barricklow
Lyndsey Stough
Allison Seney
Pat O’Brien

Sylvania Community Arts Commission

The Executive Director and Board of Trustees:

Jennifer Archer, Executive Director
Laura Jakes, President
Sue McHugh, Vice President
Kate Diu, Treasurer
Nancy Crandell, Secretary
Keith Hamen, Orchestra Chair
Samanthia Rousos, Theater Chair

Our Trustees:

Bernie Albert
Jim Perlman
Beth Silver
Pete Diver
Scott Hudson
Nate Schank
Shannon Szyperski
Stephanie Mahoney
Katie Budas
Michelle Atkinson
Amy Buckey
Mayor Craig Stough

Sylvania Historical Village

Thomas Blank, Chair
Evan Ericksen, Secretary
Jim Vogel, Treasurer
Board Members:
Dr. Mary Robinson
Kim Hess
Sandy Husman
Sue McHugh
Robert Smith
David Malolepsy
Rebecca Zechman
Mayor Craig Stough
Executive Director – Andi Erbskorn

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Board of Zoning Appeals

Marcus Hansen
Norman Ladd
Carol A. Lindhuber
Richard Sands
Gary O. Sommer
Debbie Webb, Administrative Secretary

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