Toby Schroyer
Director of Finance
Suite 201
6730 Monroe St.
Sylvania OH 43560
P: 419-885-8932
F: 419-885-8998
E-Mail: city.personnel@cityofsylvania.com 
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Department of Personnel

The personnel department recruits and hires all city employees. We maintain employee records, administer employee benefits and coordinate those benefits according to state and federal laws. We also negotiate and administer union contracts and direct safety programs for all city employees.

How Can We Help You

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The City of Sylvania offers three types of employment: civil service (“classified”) jobs, jobs that do not qualify as civil service positions (“unclassified” jobs) and part-time jobs, which include seasonal employment. Classified positions require that applicants pass the civil service exam for that position.

Classified (Civil Service) Jobs

All classified positions require that you take and pass a civil service exam for that position. Classified jobs for the City of Sylvania include senior account clerk, public works serviceman, telecommunicator and patrolman.

Civil service exams are administered for the Sylvania Civil Service Commission by the personnel department. We schedule and conduct civil service exams for any open position that qualifies as civil service employment. Exams are scheduled only when civil service positions are open. For information on civil service testing, please call the City of Sylvania Civil Service Secretary at 419-885-8955.

Unclassified Positions

An unclassified job is simply any position that is not a civil service job. Unclassified jobs do not require a civil service exam. This category includes:

  • All city board members and commissioners.
  • All elected or appointed officers specifically provided for by the city charter.
  • All heads of departments and divisions and one deputy or assistant to each department or division head.
  • All assistants or deputies to the city solicitor and clerk-auditor.
  • One secretary to the mayor and one secretary to the head of each department.
  • All persons appointed to an office or position requiring professional or exceptional qualifications as determined by city council.
  • All employees in unskilled labor positions.
  • All part-time, temporary or seasonal employees.

Part-Time, Seasonal & Temporary Jobs

These positions cover a wide spectrum of opportunities. Interviews, testing and any background checks for these jobs are managed by an employment firm contracted by the city. To apply for part-time, seasonal or temporary employment with the city, contact:

Phoenix Temporary Services, Inc.
5800 Monroe St., Suite D
P: 419-885-2151

Civil Service Commission

The rules of the Civil Service Commission provide specific directions for the use of merit and fitness as the basis for appointment and promotion of all employees in classified positions.

It also considers appeals from the actions of the mayor in cases of transfer, suspension, reduction, or removal of such employees. To the extent legally permissible, the action of the Commission on any such appeal is final.

Labor/Management Relations

The City of Sylvania has a very positive record of labor-management relations. This makes an invaluable contribution to the city’s overall operation. The job gets done, residents are cared for and the city runs smoothly.

The City of Sylvania and AFSCME Local 3468 were jointly honored by the Toledo Labor-Management Citizens Committee with its 2007 Award for Labor-Management Cooperation after more than 20 years of problem-free negotiations.

The personnel director reports all negotiations to the mayor and city council. Those results are typically recorded in the mayor’s annual reports to the city. Four labor unions are represented in city employment:

  • Fraternal Order of Police/Ohio Labor Council, representing our police patrolmen.
  • Sylvania Police Command Officers Association/Ohio Labor Council, representing our police sergeants.
  • Sylvania Police Telecommunicators, representing our dispatchers.
  • Ohio Council 8 Local 3468, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees AFL-CIO, representing our labor forces in the divisions of Parks & Forestry, Streets, Utilities and Construction Inspection (inspectors).

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