Harroun Road Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon

The City of Sylvania’s 1st Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB) on Harroun Road at the Sylvania River Trail crossing.

What is a PHB?  A PHB is a pre-timed traffic control device that increases motorists’ awareness of pedestrians crossing at an uncontrolled marked crosswalk location.  These devices create safer, more efficient crossings on busy streets.

What are the benefits of a PHB?

  • PHB’s have been shown to increase safety by reducing crash rates at pedestrian crossings. 
  • PHB’s cause a decrease in dangerous driver violations at pedestrian crossings.  

How does a PHB work?  Watch the video below.

Is the beacon supposed to be dark during non-operation?  Yes, the signal heads remain inactive until a pedestrian activates the system by pushing a pushbutton on either signal pole.  See the chart below on the five (5) phases of beacon activity for both pedestrians and motorists:

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