Planning Commission


Main St., Sylvania

Planning for a Better Future

When a community grows under the guidance of a forward-thinking, cohesive plan, its residents benefit in many ways: a stable population, optimum property values and a strong sense of community are high on the list.

The Municipal Planning Commission is a group of residents who focus on Sylvania’s “big picture” to keep those benefits working for us. They determine the best ways to use area lands, preserve the city’s unique character and promote growth for the good of everyone in the community.

From small projects like curb cuts and driveways to working with an institution on a major expansion, with every vote the planning commission shapes our city for the future.

Craig A. Stough, Mayor
Ken Marciniak
Carol Lindhuber
Kathleen Fischer
Jeff Schaaf

Debbie Webb
Administrative Secretary
6730 Monroe Street
P: 419-885-8965

How We Can Help You

With knowledge and expertise in Sylvania’s codes, master growth plan, permit histories and architectural character, the planning commission is likely to have an answer or an alternative to help you on issues such as:

  • Lot splits.
  • Rezoning and zoning appeals.
  • Zoning laws and what you can do to change a zoning law.
  • Development within the city, including commercial, industrial or residential.

City of Sylvania Land Use Master Plan

This City of Sylvania Land UseMaster Plan is the commission’s “playbook” for achieving its vision of Sylvania in the future. You may want to consult it before investing in a tract of land or building construction.

Read the Sylvania Land Use Master Plan online here.

Construction Height & Size Restrictions

With online zoning regulations, you can easily find out if there are limitations you’ll need to incorporate into your drawings. The staff in the zoning office (they work hand-in-hand with the planning commission) will be happy to help you. Restrictions may include:

  • The plan, design, height, floor area, number of stories and size of buildings and structures.
  • The area and size of lots, percentage of land occupancy, size of yards, courts and open spaces.
  • The location, use and occupancy of public and private buildings, structures and land for trade, industry, off-street parking, residence, park, playground and agriculture.

The zoning code can be found online here.

Meetings & Agendas

Agendas and minutes of meetings within the current calendar year.

Agendas and minutes of meetings over several previous years.

Sewer & Utility Construction

The zoning staff can help you determine if and where infrastructure development is planned and whether it has been covered within the Master Plan.

Special Use Permits & Applications

You will need a special use permit to run a business or nonprofit service (e.g., a daycare center, a church or small community center) on property zoned R, or residential.

Special use permits also are required for a temporary or seasonal use of property in Sylvania for commercial, recreational or amusement purpose, such as a church fair with amusement rides or a weekly farmer’s market.

To get a special use permit, you must submit an application with the zoning office. The planning commission will review the application and make recommendations to the city council.

Zoning Recommendations & Legislation

The planning commission makes recommendations and prepares zoning-related legislation for city council. It also can create special areas, zones and districts for permitted or excluded property uses. These recommendations and special areas must be approved by a vote of city council. To find out about or state your views on zoning legislation or recommendations for a specific area or parcel of land, the planning commission holds regular public meetings. Agendas and minutes from planning commission meetings are available online for review.

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