Clerk of Council

Laura Bigelow
6730 Monroe St.
P: 419-885-8926
F: 419-885-8998

As directed in the city charter, the position of clerk of council is actually its own division and is a function of the finance department. The clerk of council is the primary person responsible for maintaining all records of the city council and its committees.

City Laws & Regulations

All Sylvania resolutions, rules, regulations and bylaws adopted by council are maintained and made available for public inspection. For further information Contact the Clerk of Council.

All Sylvania ordinances are available online. To search for specific ordinances click below.

City Codified Ordinances

Legal Notices of Council Meetings

The clerk of council publishes any and all legal notices relating to council business. Check for current legal notices of meetings here.

Special Assessments

The clerk of council is responsible for placing special assessments on the property tax roll and certifying the same to the county auditor for collection.

City-wide annual assessments are imposed for the tree district, ditch drainage, maintenance and repair, and street lighting. Additional assessments covering only particular areas are imposed for items such as street paving, waterlines, sanitary sewers and sidewalks.

To check the special assessments that apply to your home or other real estate, contact the clerk of council.

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