Mayor’s Monarch Pledge

Monarch Butterfly in front of City Hall, Sylvania, Ohio. Photo Courtesy of Candy Sarikonda

Mayor’s Monarch Butterfly Pledge

The City of Sylvania has taken a pledge to protect the monarch butterfly.  Mayor Craig Stough took the National Wildlife Federation’s Mayors’ Monarch Pledge, committing the city to take at least 8 specific actions to help the monarch butterfly and other pollinators. This new, national campaign will work with mayors and local government chief executives to help save the declining monarch butterfly population.

Through the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge, cities and municipalities commit to creating monarch habitat and educating citizens about ways they can help save the monarch migration.  By committing to at least 8 actions, the City of Sylvania has been certified as a member of the NWF’s Monarch Pledge Leadership Circle.  This demonstrates the city’s strong commitment to helping monarch butterflies and other pollinators through city initiatives that include the creation of monarch-friendly gardens at prominent city locations; protection of monarch habitat through modified mowing practices along city roadsides; and the provision of community outreach programs designed to help citizens create monarch habitat in their own backyards and community centers.

Click here for the Official Press Release.

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