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A Thriving Appreciation of the Arts

Honestly, what’s not to love about Sylvania’s culture?! A robust Arts Commission beautifying public spaces. A one-of-a kind juried art fair in our historic downtown. The burgeoning Tree City Film Festival.

Not to mention a community orchestra, children’s theater and eclectic art galleries. It’s an engaging environment that appeals to all ages at all stages of life. We’re a growing community because people with interests as diverse as the weather find so many fulfilling things to do and see. Inside or out. Playful or peaceful.

For information on upcoming festivities, performances and other happenings, check out the schedule on the Calendar of Events.

Sylvania Community Arts Commission

5632 N. Main St.
P: 419-517-0118

Sylvania Community Arts Commission (SCAC) promotes the awareness, interest in and understanding of the arts throughout the Sylvania community.

Red Bird Arts District! Click here for video.

SCAC administers five major programs:

Creative Theater for Kids

Youth in grades 4-8 learn the joy and work involved in live theater. Space is limited and reservations are required.

Education in the Arts

Education in the arts is a primary focus of the arts commission. SCAC works closely with the area schools and local nonprofits to sponsor community programs.

SCAC provides an art teacher at the park for afterschool art classes through a partnership with Olander Park. These classes, designed for younger children, are held once a week throughout the school year. A district-wide exhibit featuring the artwork of students from all of the Sylvania public and private schools is held annually at Olander Park.

The Commission also provides a weekly art teacher for the Sylvania Community Services summer childcare program, introducing the children to a wide variety of the arts, from mural making to visiting a local glass blower.

Sylvania Community Orchestra

The Sylvania Community Orchestra is a volunteer group of musicians who perform three or four free community concerts each year. Concerts are held in various community venues, typically on Sunday afternoons. Interested area musicians are invited to join. High school students are welcome with a teacher’s recommendation.

Sylvania Public Art Program

Public art is a reflection of the values and lifestyles of the people who live in the city and township of Sylvania. SCAC considers public art a needed contribution to the overall appeal, attractiveness and education of our community.

SCAC is the administrator and caretaker of public art within the Sylvania community, promoting the continued growth of public art while preserving, maintaining and exhibiting the collected works of this community. A directory of the items in the public art collection, available from SCAC, identifies each piece of art, its creator, medium, location and value.

Arts Events

Events involving the arts occur year-round. In addition to concerts, showings and exhibitions, festivals featuring fine art, folk art or crafts are held nearly once a month.

Sylvania Community Orchestra and Toledo Symphony Orchestra perform regularly in beautiful venues including the Franciscan Center and the spectacular Peristyle concert hall at the Toledo Museum of Art.

Other Events & Festivals

Maple Sugaring Festival (April)
St. Joseph Festirama (Mid-May)
Fall Festival (October)
Holiday Art Festival at Southview High School (November)
Holiday Happenings (December)

Check the calendar on this page or visit Events for upcoming events.

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